The Missing Semester is a must-read for the college students, recent graduates, and other young adults in your life. The book does an excellent job of crystallizing the issues facing young adults that so often cause problems in their financial lives for years to come, and does so in a way that is digestible and easy to understand. There should be no excuses for not reading it!

Greg McBride, CFA
Senior Vice President

AFCPE was thrilled to provide The Missing Semester to attendees of our Annual Research and Training Symposium.  Our professional financial counselors and educators found it extremely useful in their work with students and clients alike! It is a terrific resource to help improve financial understanding and capability for young adults.


Rebecca Wiggins

Executive Director

Association for Financial Planning and Education (AFCPE)


My organization has provided The Missing Semester to attendees at the North Dakota Jump$tart Annual Conference and to high school counselors statewide.  We have found the resource to be very practical and useful for everyone.  With high school students, making their plans for college and considering taking on debt for the first time, it is a wonderful resource for them!

Wally Erhardt
Bank of North Dakota College Planning Center
The Missing Semester is a must read for any college student close to graduation.  This accessible book is the central text in our financial literacy program at Allegheny College.  If our young people had this book 20 years ago, it could have helped avert the 2008 financial crisis.  This book is as much a public service as it is a fun read.

Chris Allison
CEO, Tollgrade Communications, Inc. (retired)
Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Member, Board of Trustees
Allegheny College

High schools students lack fundamental financial literacy skills and polls show they are increasingly unsure about their financial future.  Organizations like ours provide meaningful programs to teach practical money skills and we regularly use The Missing Semester to enrich learning so students can become confident when it comes to managing money.  If I’m a parent or teacher, I’m telling, not asking ‘read this book’.


Dennis Gilfoyle

Executive Director

Junior Achievement of Pittsburgh


High school teachers received complementary copies of The Missing Semester at our recent annual MoneyPOWER Conference for Financial Literacy. Many had already heard about the book and were very excited to take it back to their schools and use it to support their personal finance instruction.  At W!SE we work every day to help high school teachers improve the financial literacy of their students. The Missing Semester teaches important money basics that supports their efforts.

Dave Anderson
Executive Vice President.
Working In Support of Education (W!SE)
As an educator, I could not have found a better book than The Missing Semester to use while teaching personal finance.  The book is written in a way that allows high school students to understand the importance of financial decisions that they will begin making upon graduation. The book takes often boring and complicated information and makes it applicable and accessible to high school students. My students have commented that reading and learning about The Missing Semester was the most interesting and useful portion of my economics course. I would highly recommend this book to any high school teacher or college professor who is looking to make their curriculum more impactful in students' everyday lives.

Joel Thompson
Upper St. Clair School District
Pittsburgh, PA
The Missing Semester is a must-read for all youth and should be required reading for all high school graduates.  This books brings up situations people face every day and shows how decisions made today affect one's future.

Johnny Chankhamany
The Akamai Foundation

The­­ Missing Semester gives young adults the facts on how to manage and take ownership of their finances.  This book is a gift every graduating student should receive.

Richard A. Dioli

Director of Schools

Sacred Heart Schools

Atherton, CA


The Missing Semester is a rare phenomenon--a book that is genuinely intended as a public service.  It succeeds tremendously well in that regard.  Finding simple and straightforward answers to complex questions is a real art form and these authors have mastered it.  When students find our information-rich world overwhelming they should be directed to this book, because these lessons apply not only to personal finances, but also to character.

David McInally
Coe College
The Missing Semester serves as a toe-dip into the adult pool recent grads will face after college, and the mission the authors have is a noble one. Geared toward those finishing high school or college who have no basic grasp or understanding of a) personal finances and b) their importance, Natali and Kabala do a good job of keeping things short, and keeping otherwise “dull” subject matter moving along from one topic to the next.  We DO need financial education and literacy in schools, and we do need books like this one to give kids at least a smidgen of the financial knowledge they’ll need out in the real world.

Lauren Bowling
L Bee and the Money Tree
The Missing Semester should be required reading for all undergraduate college students. Too often the practical side of finance and economics is ignored or minimized in the class room.  I would recommend this book to not only business students, but to all individuals who want to take control of their own personal and family finances.

Jay Sukits
Professor of Finance
University of Pittsburgh
As a financial educator, I have read and critiqued many financial education resources and books for all age groups.  After reading The Missing Semester, I found it to be exceptional.  Many times authors forget to speak to their target audience and provide the product they think they need to produce.  Matt and Gene have done a great job of “talking” to the students in their own language and have made the book a useful, usable tool for students by making it short and sweet. 

Karen Richel
University of Idaho Extension
If every American had read and followed the advice inside this book, the real estate meltdown and debt crisis would never have been an issue.

Thomas J. Nist
Director of Graduate Studies
Donahue Chair in Investment Management
Duquesne University
The Missing Semester addresses what may be the single most important factor affecting Americans' lifestyles in the 21st century.

Jesse R. Ligo Jr., CPA, MBA
Professor of Accounting
Westminster University
The Missing Semester is gaining momentum for a lot of the right reasons.  I have been pleased to see both acceptance and application at various levels of college and high school in the general area of finance or economics--and equally pleased by the interest and enthusiasm shown by the students.  This is a fabulous thing, but, in  my opinion, misses perhaps the most critical point.  This is NOT an investment,  finance, or economics book.  It is a brief, informative guide to practical situations that affect everyone. The elegance of The Missing Semester is its potential to reach an audience that is not determined by income level, education, color, gender or any of the myriad things that typically divide or categorize us. If you ever plan to make or spend money, the lessons of this book can provide some sound guidance

Eugene M. Natali, Sr.


C.S. McKee, L.P.